Return to open consultations

We have COVID-19 safety practices in place – ensuring a safe environment for our clients and Team.

We are committed to delivering exceptional care to your pets despite these challenging times. The health and wellbeing of our patients, clients and staff is our number one priority. We are taking precautions to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and to protect our clients and dedicated staff.

From 1st November 2021 Clients will be allowed into the premises for their pet’s consultation.

When you arrive for your appointment, please do come in and check in with one of our reception team.

Although restrictions put in place to reduce the spread of COVID-19 were eased on July 19th Sprinz and Nash have decided to keep some measures in place. Keeping some measures in place will allow us to protect our clients and staff and in doing so reduce the risk of staff absence due to COVID-19.

  • When attending your appointment, we will have a sanitising station at the front door, please use this before entering the building.
  • We are asking all clients to please wear a face mask whilst on the premises. If you have a medical reason for not being able to wear a face mask, please talk to us to ensure we can continue to work safely with you.
  • To ensure we can maintain some social distancing we can have limited the number of clients permitted into the waiting and reception area at a time.
  • When you come out of your consultation, please take a seat whilst you wait for reception to become available.
  • We request that only one person attend with their pet unless additional attendees have been pre-authorised.

If you would prefer not to enter the building, we can continue to discuss your concerns for your pet’s health outside the surgery. It may not be appropriate to exam a pet outside; in these cases, we will continue to examine your pet indoors and upon return of your pet to you outside will discuss the treatment plan.

We will ask you when booking an appointment if you are currently self-isolating or showing signs of COVID-19, this is so we can ensure that the highest level of care is provided while ensuring staff safety. If you are self-isolating, we will ask you to arrange for someone else to bring your pet to the surgery. The veterinary surgeon will be happy to speak to you by telephone before and after the consultation.