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Thame Veterinary Hospital 01844 212000
Princes Risborough 01844 345655
Chinnor 01844 355 840

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Sprinz and Nash Vets

Dedicated Vets in Thame

Sprinz and Nash Vets

Dedicated Vets in Thame

Welcome back into our Consultation rooms!

From 1st November 2021 Clients will be allowed into the premises for their pet’s consultation.

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We are registering new clients again!

Due to an unprecedented demand on our service and to ensure we maintained the high level of care to our registered patients we had to make the difficult decision to close our books to new registering clients. It is important to us that we are able to have enough capacity that we can provide a convenient routine service whilst maintaining high levels are care and still have the capacity for emergencies. We are now in a position to welcome new clients again. 


Please be aware, that in the future, depending on the workload that we may have, we may need to close our books again at short notice but we will update the website if this becomes necessary. 

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Cat Vaccines Shortage

You may have read about supply issues with cat vaccines across Europe and we want to update you on how we are managing our supplies.

Currently, we are experiencing a short supply of cat vaccines across the UK. As such, the veterinary profession is having to consider the best plan to ensure that the majority of the cat population is protected from those disease we can protect against with vaccination.

As a Practice, we have decided that this is best achieved by prioritising vaccinations for the most vulnerable within the cat population, and so are focussing on kittens and those naïve adult cats not previously vaccinated and deemed at high risk of contracting infectious diseases.

To preserve supplies, for those cats that have previously completed a primary vaccination course and maintained annual boosters since, we will be extending the interval between boosters to an acceptable interval until supplies return to normal. This change is an attempt to protect as many individuals as possible and the risk to older cats with good vaccination history is extremely low compared to the risk of significant outbreaks if we didn’t do this.

We have suspended our standard postal reminder service opting instead to contact those cats that are in the priority category.

We would like to thank you for your patience during this time.

We are Now Able to Vaccinate and Neuter a Wider Range of Pets.

NEW Chinnor opening.

Sprinz and Nash are still working within the guidelines of the Government and our professional bodies and we are pleased to inform you that we are now able to offer our vaccination and neutering services to more of our patients. For this reason, we have extended our Chinnor branch (OX39 4PF) Monday – Friday - by appointment only, to have extra scope for vaccinating and treating medical cases.

We are still observing physical distancing for working and currently only your pet will be admitted on to the premises at our clinics and we respectfully ask that you wait in your car or outside. We will need you to confirm that you and your family are not self-isolating or suffering any symptoms of C19 when you make the appointment.

Vaccinations available now are as follows: Dogs

  • Puppies. We prefer to start vaccinations when they are over 10 weeks old. – This means that only two visits to the surgery will be required, four weeks apart, to complete the full course.
  • Dogs who are due their first annual booster.
  • Dogs who go outside can now also have their annual boosters.


  • Kittens. We prefer to vaccinate at 12 and 15 weeks of age.
  • Booster vaccinations for cats that go outside or are in multi cat households.


All Rabbit Vaccinations. We prefer to give two injections two weeks apart to cover against Myxomatosis and the two VHDs. These can be given from any age above 5 weeks.


Dogs, cats and rabbits can be neutered if certain criteria apply; if they were to be left entire there would be an increased risk of breeding, or fighting, or disease in the reproductive tract, or behavioural issues. This will be discussed with you by one of our Vets.

If you have any questions do ring us on 01844 212000. The phones are sometimes very busy so you can email your question to

We thank you for your support of our staff during this time and remind you that we are always available to respond to the needs of you and your pet.

For our out of hours service we are currently using a dedicated on-call provider -Vets Now -at High Wycombe. This means that with our combined services we offer consultations and facilities for treatment that covers 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

At All Times

We have a dedicated out of hours emergency care provider that operate solely as emergency vets. Their training and experience is completely focussed on emergency and critical care.

In an emergency out of hours please call 01844 212000 a trained member of our nominated contact centre team will be on hand to answer you. If you require treatment you will be seen.

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